New major works from landscape master, Brian Cook.

We are very pleased, and also rather honoured, to announce that Hillier Skuse Gallery will be sole and exclusive agent for all new Brian Cook work. Brian is a master of the Australian landscape in an expressionistic style reminiscent of great painters of the Heidelberg School.  Streeton, Roberts and McCubbin were among his guiding influences when Brian first arrived on our glaringly light-drenched shores from his native Yorkshire many years ago. Since then Brian has worked constantly at perfecting his craft and passing his skills on to others. His list of achievements would be very long indeed, if he had bothered to keep a record of them, but this unassuming artist is always more concerned with the next work than his track record. He is held in high esteem by skilled landscape artists across Australia, and by many collectors who have enjoyed his work over the years.

Brian Cook, A Sunburnt Country, Oil on board, 950x1220
Brian Cook, A Sunburnt Country, Oil on board, 950×1220

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