Barry and Lucy McCann – a rare team

Gold Coasters have a rare opportunity to view some of the highly acclaimed work of Barry and Lucy McCann at Hillier and Skuse Gallery.

The first thing you notice when you meet the McCanns is the ‘we factor’ that exists between them, the second is their humility.  Although they are both full time individually successful professional artists, Lucy and Barry McCan are a devoted husband and wife team who both aim to produce quality paintings that appeal to lovers of fine art.

Barry McCann - Black Dress
Barry McCann |  Black and Red Bodice | Acrylic on canvas | 902 x 470 | $7,900

The McCann’s work has been widely exhibited, published, awarded and collected with a great deal of their output being devoted to commissions.  Barry and Lucy have participated in numerous joint and group exhibitions, winning many awards.  They have been finalists in some of the most prestigious art competetions throughout the world.  Barry has been listed among the top 30 realist artists in Australia.

Lucy McCann - Nuns and Roses
Lucy McCann | The Nuns | Watercolour | 760 x 560mm | $7,950

Their studio in Armidale, New South Wales, is the centre for their creative output, but they are also very generous in allocating their time to teaching at art societies and collectives along the east coast of Australia, where their dedication to technical excellence is in high demand.

Lucy McCann - White Waterlilies and teapots
Lucy McCann | Teapots and Lillies | Watercolour \ 560 x 760mm | $7,950

Hillier and Skuse Gallery are proud to display these beautiful examples of Barry and Lucy McCann’s individual styles, which illustrate their dedication to producing fine art.

Barry McCann - Purple Dress detail
Barry McCan – Girl in the Purple Dress, detail.


Barry McCann - Blue Dress

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