Surprise your Home with the Gift of Original Art by Steve Hillier

Steve Hillier’s work ranges from the amusing and saucy to beautifully crafted depictions of animals and birds to  moody and sensual work exploring complex philosophical themes, such as ‘Infinity, show us your papers’


Here I am now, at a point of perfection

that is but a fleeting moment in the scale of infinity.

Steve Hillier’s moody, sensual painting, ‘Infinity, Show me your Papers’ is inspired by a poem written by the little known French Symbolist, Jules Laforgue (1860-1887) —

“Infinity, where did you spring from?  Why are our proud senses mad for something beyond the keyboards bestowed, do they believe in mirror more fortunate than the Word, and kill themselves?  Infinity, show us your papers.”  .

“I thought was an interesting concept and worked the idea for the painting from this. My mind wandered over the implications of infinity and our relationship or otherwise within such possibilities,‘show us your papers’ – what is your place in my world and your relevance to me or my relevance in your time scale ?  

With my work I try to find a balance that portrays the visual beauty of the female form without putting an over weighted emphasis on the male view, with this painting it’s about a point in time – here I am now, in one respect at a point of perfection that is but a fleeting moment in the scale of infinity.

‘Ah! this life is so everyday…  And for the best of memories, Those paltry talents we display.’ — Jules Laforgue.

infinity show me your papers
Steve Hillier | Infinity, Show me your Papers | acrylic and oil on canvas | 1000 x 700mm | $1950

About Steve Hillier

Like McCavity the Mystery Cat, Steve Hillier is an artist who has lived many lives in succession. Originally from London, he did his stint at Art School as a young man, only to be seduced away into the heady world of rock’n’roll with Virgin and Island Records. He has lived other lives, as well – as a high-level executive with a large multi-national corporation, as an entrepreneur, and even as a public servant in the shady realm of crime and punishment.

Wherever he has gone, though, Steve has carried with him his essential identity as a Londoner and as an artist.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away

Steve’s favorite subject matter is the female form, and preferably delivered with a a bit of symbolism and a tongue-in-cheek poke at society in general. There are often as many layers of meaning as there are of paint in his work, which I can attest, is many. Steve Hillier’s work is detailed, meticulous and fun – as for example, in the painting that recently took out the Ipswich Art Award prize for painting.

this is where I draw the line;

Another branch of Steve’s art practice is his work featuring wildlife, and in particular, birds.  His loving and painstaking approach is particularly effective when it comes to depicting birds and other animals.  Steve was recently a finalist in the Holmes Art Prize, a prize for excellence in the realistic depiction of Australian birds.

Hillier S. Snow Leopard
Steve Hillier | Snow Leopard | Oil on Board

You can get an idea about how Steve works his magic  in the video segment produced by ‘Put Some Colour in your Life’, here.

Author: Susan Skuse 2/9/15

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