We’re off and racing with our Thoroughbred Art Show

riding on air 97 x 93cm oil emailThe count currently stands at 95 artworks on an equine theme from 40 artists, and were’re hoping that’s it, because the gallery is bursting at the seams with depictions of magnificent horses in every kind of style, size and shape you can imagine.  The works range in price from around $300 to – well let’s just say much more for an original  Hugh Sawrey or d’Arcy Doyle.

The opening function is on Thursday 7th January at 6:30pm, and the show will continue throughout the month of January, every day except Wednesdays, 10:00 to 5:00pm.

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  1. Breathtaking artwork from a myriad of super talented artists. Thank you Sue and Steve for making this platform available to showcase the workings of incredibly artistic minds.
    And very many kudos to the two curators who brought this all together. l&ks Patti McCandless x


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