Exhibition Opening for Stephen Buntrock and Steve Hillier – A good time was had by all.

We had a large and lively crowd at the Gallery last night for the twin Exhibition Openings for Stephen Buntrock and Steve Hillier.  Thank you so much to everyone who came and made the evening such a success.

Stephen Buntrock’s show, Touching Base, includes some very large and/or multi-panel pieces in vivid colours and containing many layers of paint and meaning.  Stephen spents many enjoyable years in Papua New Guinea and his deep links, love and respect for the people there continue to inform his work.  These are works that give immediate pay-off in terms of pleasurable shapes and colours, but which continue to unfold as the viewer spends more time with them.

The catalogue of all works in the show is downloadable here –Buntrock – touching base

Steve Hillier’s show, First Among Equals, focusses on his favourite topic, women. In his complex paintings the female figure is often used to communicate Steve’s thoughts on society and the world in general.  There is often a barbed joke or two hidden among his references and symbols, and sometimes a poke at an Artworld that takes itself far too seriously. The photo-realistic finish of his paintings is achieved through many, many hours of meticulous drawing and layering of subtle layers of paint in true Old Master style.

The catalogue of allworks in the show is downloadable here – Hillier – First Among Equals

Susan Skuse – 5-3-16


Hillier and BuntrockIMG_0032IMG_0093IMG_0226IMG_0037IMG_0275IMG_0266IMG_0043IMG_0079IMG_0240reach outIMG_0283Buntrock – touching baseIMG_0230

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