Art Fair and Studio Clearance Sale





 June 1 to July 15 2016

For six weeks from 1st June, Hillier and Skuse Gallery will be hosting an Art Fair and Studio Clearance Sale with a huge variety of work from over fifty award-winning artists at very realisitic prices. This is a great opportunity to discover a very special piece made by one of our top local or regional artists.  Artists showing will include

  • Pierre Bernabeu
  • Ron Bryant
  •  Mary Conder
  • Brian Cook
  • Mark Davey
  • Tony Duarte
  • Ros Dux
  • Barbra Elvin
  • Jill Garsden
  • Penelope Gilbert-Ng
  • Louise Grove-Wiechers
  • Di Ingram
  • Steve Hillier
  • Michael Hooper
  • Inessa Ivascanin
  • Rainer Kozik
  • David Ladley
  • Andrew Lansley
  • Jan Lawnikanis
  • Mal Leckie
  • Jenny Leung
  • Lucinda Leveille
  • Glenn McLeod Leaity
  • Jenny McConaghy
  • June McCotter
  • James Mackay
  • Margit Major
  • Bob Murphy
  • Leisa O’Brien
  • Jerry O’Donnell
  • Katrina O’Kane
  • Jutta Pilz
  • Annette Raff
  • Tricia Ruest
  • Sandra Ridgway
  • Otto Schmidinger
  • Anne Schumaker
  • Howard Searchfield
  • Atsuko Shima
  • Susan Skuse
  • Milada Theron
  • Petronella Van Leusden
  • Daphne Volin
  • Hellene Warne

PLUS SOME AMAZING SECONDARY MARKET BARGAINS with works by some of the best-known Australian names of C20, including

  •  Pro Hart
  • d’Arcy Doyle
  • Robert Dickerson
  • Hugh Sawrey
  • Geoffrey Proud
  • Mark Schaller

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