Gallery Directors’ Mixed Dozen – until 31-10-16

Hillier and Skuse Gallery Directors, Steve and Susan, have chosen twelve of their top picks among local Gold Coast artists to bring you a wide ranging selection of art to tantalize and intrigue your artistic taste buds.

Viewing Notes:

Brian Cook – The Australian country and seaside are painted with seemingly effortless skill by this Post-Impressionist master.  With huge experience and boundless enthusiasm Brian wields his palette knife to create paintings full of light and colour, with a veracity that comes from many years of observation and many, many miles under the palette knife.  Excellence never goes out of date, and Brian’s works continue to be sought after by discerning collectors.

Brian Cook | Childhood Memories | Oil on board | 570 x 1130mm | framed | $2500

Don Waters – An established Australian artist with an illustrious career spanning well over three decades, represented in many private and corporate collectioins, including the Royal Collection of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.  While best described as a contemporary artist, Donald’s artwork transcends many genres to create a truly unique yet ever evolving and eclectic style.  He is passionate about his art, seeing it as an adventure that must be experienced not only by the artist, but also by the viewer.

Donald Waters | Thaw | 1200 x 1800mm | Charcoal and Synthetic Polymer on Linen | $16,000

Mary Conder – Mary Conder is a self-taught artist who has been quietly honing her skills for most of her life.   Working initially in the field of commercial art, Mary has been able, in recent years, to turn her attention and skills to serious fine art subjects, as well as creating works referencing memories from her childhood.  The twin lines of her artistic investigations – on the one hand delightfully whimsical and on the other confronting the alienation inherent in modern life – intertwine and dance through her work.

Mary Conder | Bus Stop on the New Estate | 910 x 1520mm | $3,000

Roslyn Dux – Roslyn Dux has created an instantly recognisable hallmark style that is distinctly her own.  Ros works with figures and landscape, simplifying shapes and imposing her own geometry on the subjects, playing with light and carefully layered colour to create works that hum and glow.  Her signature “Umbrella People” series works with a few simple forms of umbrellas and beople, beautifully constructed as abstract compositions, full of delightful colour combinations.

Umbrella People Handbags and Gladrags.web
Roslyn Dux | Umbrella People – Handbags and Gladrags | acrylic on canvas | 910 x 910mm | $2,400

Otto Schmidinger – Otto Schmidinger is a highly skilled artist and designer, working in the Realist Tradition.  Otto paints a variety of subjects – he has received many local and international awards both in landscape and portrait genres.  The scope of his focus ranges from the very large to the tiny, often finding congruities in unexpected places. His images are detailed and beautifully rendered, achieved only through intense observation and many, many hours of careful work.  His strong sense of design results in works that are at the same time exactingly painted realistic depictions and pleasing abstract compositions.

Otto Schmidinger - Rock Stack.web
Otto Schmidinger | Rock Stack | Oil on canvas | 101 x 153cm | $3,400

Tricia Reust – Tricia Reust is a well known and highly skilled mixed media artist, using many layers of imaging and a wide variety of techniques to produce works whose meanings unfold only gradually.  Tricia won the National Mortimore Prize in 2012 and has had work accepted over eleven times in the Bald Archy National Touring Exhibition.  She has recorded an episode with the television series Put Some Colour in Your Life and has articles published in several issues of the Australian Artist Magazine.

Camelia Window.web
Tricia Reust | Camelia Window | 610 x 610mm | Mixed Media on canvas | $580

Louise Grove Wiechers – Louise is a South African born artist, living and working on Tamborine Mountain.  Her landscapes are inspired by her surroundings, especially by the spectacular Scenic Rim land forms.  Her works are honed down and simplified.   “I take vignettes from the landscape and eliminate the things that don’t speak to me”, she says.  “I don’t do realism as such, I paint a dream, the ideal existence – modernism with a touch of surrealism.  I capture the ideal pastoral experience by simplifying elements to their basics, leaving only the impression of the perceived vision.”

Hinterland scenic rim 105 x 153.web
Louise Grove Wiechers | Hinterland Scenic Rim | Acrylic on Linen | 101 x 155cms | $3,500

Inessa Ivascanin –  Born and trained as an artist and art teacher in the Ukraine, Inessa’s work carries a delightful, quirky European vibe.  She often paints old city laneways, crowded with detail, incident and colour.  Other themes in her work explore imaginary city-scapes and fantastical floating islands.  Her work is recognisable for its bright palette and often highly reflective surface treatment.  Inessa’s own sunny disposition shines through her highly enjoyable works.

Dusk Harbour.web
Inessa Ivascanin | Dusk Harbour | Acrylic and Resin on canvas | 900 x 1200mm | SOLD

Ron MacRae – Ron MacRae is one of the most imaginative Gold Coast artists we know.  His work is often humorous, and always quirky, whether he is painting buxom pirate wenches, outback pubs, sailing ships or vintage street scenes.  The enjoyment of life leaps off Ron’s canvases, even if one is sometimes puzzled about what exactly is going on in his mind.


Pub with no beer.web
Ron MacRae | The Pub with No Beer | 510 x 1200mm | acrylic on canvas | SOLD

Andrew Lansley – Andrew Lansley is fascinated by the creatures of our seas – fish, sea horses whales, turtles, sharks.  Andrew’s paintings are expressive, unique compositions, consisting of built-up textures on a strong foundation, using bright irridescent colours and movement.  Andrew is a passionate supporter of ocean conservation and donates a percentabe of profits from all art sales to this cause.

Green fish
Andrew Lansley | Green King Fish | acrylic on Board | 770 x 1100mm | $950

Barbra Elvin – Barbra’s work instantly communicates her spiritual attachment to the landscape.  Often underpinned by charcoal drawing, Barbra’s delicately coloured and sparingly rendered works are based on elements of the landscape that resonate with her.  In recent times she has concentrated on a series of works about her life’s journey.  The subject matter can appear deceptively simple – ripples in shallow water, a gnarled tree or a tussock of dune grass – but a strong feeling of the unity of all things draws us in and comforts us.

Burleigh Headland Walk.web
Barbra Elvin | burleigh Heads Walk | Acrylic and charcoal on canvas | 760 x 1220mm | $1,300

Rainer Kozik – Delightful, whimsical and colourful are some of the words that come to mind when looking at Rainer Kozik’s work.  Skilful, precise and inventive are some others.  Bavarian born Rainer Kozik grew up amongst painters and craftspeople. With two artists as parents he had no choice but to become an artist himself. Migrating to Australia in 1969, Rainer formed the dream of creating a book for children.  Today Rainer Kozik is writing and working on the illustrations for his childrens’ book “Journey of the Ghorks”, a light-hearted fantasy for young and old.  This tale is based on his life with his wife and four children, with all characters being turned into pre-historic birds, lizards, insects and dinosaurs.  There is much Magick to be found in Rainer’s work.

Metamorphosis of a butterfish
Rainer Kozik | Metamorphosis of the Butterfish | Acrylic and enamel on canvas | 400 x 1220mm | SOLD




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