Looking for a great art buy? Our gallery is closing soon due to redevelopment, and we have many beautiful works at greatly reduced prices.

Sadly, the bulldozers will soon be moving in to start the redevelopment of our Gallery site into a much-needed service station and fast-food mall.  But our Colour in Your Life Art Market is continuing until the end of January, with many of the artists offering substantial reductions on their prices.  Here are some of the great buys you can find in the gallery

Steve Hillier

Steve Hillier’s meticulous works take hundreds of hours each to complete and to lovers of highly detailed, realistic work, are worth much more than the prices he puts on them.  However, being a forward looking sort of person, Steve wants to send these works out into the world, to make mental space for new work.  So he has reduced prices, some by 50%.  This is a great opportunity to acquire work that few artists these days have the technical skill to create. (Please note – this is written by Susan, not Steve – he’s much too modest)

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Susan Skuse

Susan Skuse is a versatile artist, mainly interested in the natural world of the Gold Coast hinterland, but also enjoying a little figurative work on occasions.  She is in the planning stages of a new collection for 2017 and is keen to place her existing pieces to make physical and mental space for new work.  Her prices have been reduced by 25 to 50%.

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Brian Cook

Brian Cook is a noted Australian Landscape painter with five decades of experience in capturing the light and atmosphere of the Australian countryside and seascapes.  He has been listed as one of the thirty top Australian Landscape painters by Australian Art Sales. For this month Brian is offering 25% off the price of all of his work in our gallery.  We have a large selection – here are just a few

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Ros Dux

Ros Dux has a distinctive and delightful style.  She has been one of our most reliable sellers over the past year and we never have a large number of her works on hand.  Ros is keen for us to sell those that we do still have and so she is offering some very attractive reductions.

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Otto Schmidinger

Very experienced and highly skilled, Otto Schmidinger’s works are beautifully crafted in every way.  Each piece represents a large investment of time, from the design process that gives each work a pleasing abstract framework, to the symbolism and finely rendered details.  Some of Otto’s best pieces are available at greatly reduced prices.

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These are just a few examples of artists and work available until the end of January.


    • Hi Alex. Sorry, no, that painting is on display at the d’Arcy Doyle Art Awards in Mudgeeraba currently and has sold. Would you like me to put you in touch with the artist so you can find what other work she may have available?


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