A Chorus of Birds – New work by Susan Skuse – at the Gold Coast Home Expo 9-11 June at the Convention Centre.

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What do you get when you combine a love of colour and pattern with a fascination for Australia’s diverse species of birds?  Maybe something like Susan Skuse’s new series of works – “A Chorus of Birds”.

Susan creates layers of pattern by the use of her collection of hand made stencils.  “Pattern has its own symbolic language, with different cultural connotations, suggesting different moods or periods of time.  I like to combine these in overlapping layers, giving a dimentional quality, a feeling of looking into and through layers of meaning”.  Using aerosol and pounced paint application, often shimmering with reflective metallic effects, Susan creates an abstract settings for her realistic paintings of many different bird species. “Birds are an endlessly fascinating subject – they have everything going for them — different forms, colours, textures, modes of movement and on top of that, they all have their own distinct personalities,  which I try to enhance  through the appropriate combinations of colour and pattern.

See Susan’s new work at the upcoming Gold Coast Home Expo at the Convention Centre from 8th to 11th June – entry is free.

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