Triple Vision – how three Gold Coast artists see the world in different ways.



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Otto Schmidinger, Steve Hillier and Susan Skuse are three dedicated Gold Coast artists with many years of practice behind them.  This show brings together their diverse approaches and interests to produce a varied exhibition of high quality artworks encompassing the genres of landscape, figurative, abstract and wildlife painting.  Each artist will be exhibiting a number of major new works as well as some smaller accessible pieces which would make ideal gifts for the Christmas season.


Otto Schmidinger

Otto Schmidinger,  a past winner of the international Arno Award for Illustrator of the Year, honed his skills as an illustrator before moving into the fine art field.  His works have been included in the finals of many of the top Art Awards in Australia, and he has been awarded prizes in a long list of major competitions in the fields of both landscape and portraiture. Otto will be exhibiting a varied collection of works including beautifully detailed landscape and animal paintings, some lovely small landscapes and whimsical pieces designed for young art-lovers.

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Steve Hillier

Steve Hillier lives and works as a self-managed practicing artist on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Education; Diploma of Visual Arts, Twickenham School of Art, London 1970,
Working primarily in oil portraiture and wild life subjects with a representational approach which incorporates ideas of experimental and surreal settings that aim to present and reveal the beauty and timeless elements of an image in a way that makes it personal, fresh and possibly questioning yet continuing a conversation with the subject that compels the viewer to actually look.  Steve’s work is remarkable for the skill in drawing and rendering his subject, his major paintings typically taking hundreds of hours of painstaking painting with many layers of translucent oil paint to build up glowing flesh tones or amazingly realistic fur, hair or feathers.  Steve will be exhibiting a number of figurative works, as well as wildlife art and some experimental works.

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Susan Skuse

Susan first trained as an artist in the 1980’s and has more recently completed degrees in Fine Arts and Philosophy.  Her current series of work brings together a diverse range of influences including Asian philosophy and traditional art, textile pattern, bird-watching and the phenomenology of perception.  The works on show are part of her current series of paintings working with layers of colour and pattern combined with realistic depictions of Australian birds. Susan explains:  “The work goes through four processes (at least) Firstly, I create an abstract colour background using vibrant lithographic inks with solvent to create fluid organic effects. Then I work with my ever growing library of custom made stencils – sometimes plant forms, sometimes abstract or classical patterns. When I am happy with the background I then set back and consider what bird subject it suggests to me. The final stage is to re-balance the work tonally so that the subjects sit happily with the background.

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