Brian Cook 2016

1st to 31st May 2016.


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About the Artist:

A living master is a person whose life has been dedicated to the perfection of their art; whose skills have become a benchmark against which others’ work is judged.  With Brian Cook the Gold Coast has a true Living Master.   His work can be found not only in the homes of many Art Collectors, but also in those of other Artists, an aspect that Brian, in his humility, feels to be the ultimate honour.

Brian was born in Yorkshire, England, where his early influences were the works of Turner and Constable.  As a young man he emigrated to Australia and was deeply impressed by the work of the Heidelberg painters, and especially with Streeton and Roberts’ way of depicting the strong light and colour of the Australian landscape.  Now entering the eighth decade of a life that has seen his work accredited with numerous awards and accolades, Brian has remained true to his ideals, beliefs and his own artistic strengths.  He has continued to produce outstanding paintings that will remain virtually timeless and will give enduring pleasure to those that own them.

Hillier and Skuse Gallery is proud to be the exclusive representative for new works by this important artist.