Mary Conder

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MARY CONDER – Gold Coast based artist.

“My process often starts with asking myself ‘where would I like to be today?’.  It’s usually a wide open space that I want to be in, and I can have a look around to see what’s there.  Not necessarily what’s expected, but what I would like to see there.  The idea usually unfolds as I go, the placing of one object determines the next, guided by an overall mood and colour scheme that I have decided on.  The imagery I use is drawn from personal experience, from childhood memories right through to current observations of veryday life.

I start with the darkest tones and move forward to the lightest, highlighting little ordinary details along the way.  Depicting ordinary objects against vast spaces of nothing is what I find most fascinating.  So the finished piece is something that is familiar, but at the same time, a little unusual.