Finding the perfect artwork for your home can involve a long and frustrating search. Why not consider commissioning a work to your own specifications of size, shape and colours. Here are a few examples of recent commissioned work created by Susan Skuse

Morning Catch-up

Morning catch-up | featuring birds that visit the clients’ garden — Sulphur crested cockatoos, Eastern Rosellas, Stone curlews and Superb wrens.
Lithographic ink, aerosol and oil on stretched canvas
120 x 120cms


My client had seen one of my paintings on the internet that she really loved, but apart from the fact that the work had already sold, she needed a much larger piece for her space, and she also had slightly different requirements about colour. So I created “Twitterverse” for her, with twelve wrens, a rose robin and assorted butterflies.

Twitterverse | splendid and Varietaged wrens, rose robin, blue tiger and tailed emperor butterflies | Acrylic, aerosol and oil on canvas | 120 x 100cms

Here is what the client said about it:

Susan, this painting absolutely brings me happiness and tranquility – everytime I walk into the room where it is hanging. I just absolutely love it – I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Your talent is such a gift.

How the process of commissioning a painting works

The way that I work means that each painting finds it’s own way and is not entirely predictable, so I am not able to exactly copy a previous work (however I do have a range of limited edition giclee prints on canvas available if you want to know exactly what you’re getting — (LINK). Typically the client tells me the size and shape they need, or sends me a photo of the place where they think the painting will hang and we work those details out via email or facebook. The size and complexity will determine the pricing of the work. I only do commissions that are in line with my current body of work — if you want something else I will happily recommend a suitable artist. I confer with the client about what they would like in terms of colours and bird species, preferably leaving it a little open-ended so that I can make a final decision about what is suitable as the painting progresses. I send the client a pic of the background to check that we are going in the right direction as to colour and mood. I will send the client another pic then the birds have been roughed in and a final one on completion of the work. I ask for 50% of the cost to be paid up front on the understanding that if the client is not happy with the final work they need not take it and their deposit will be refunded in full. That has never happened to date, but I suppose there is always a first time. I paint on flat canvas that is later stretched over a timber frame so that the pattern seamlessly wraps around the sides, making framing optional. The canvas is archival quality and I use only fine artist’s oil paints. Paintings are also given a protective UV coating. The time for completion of a commission varies depending on what I have in the pipeline but will usually be in the vicinity of 8 to 12 weeks, sometimes quicker, never to date slower. If the painting is not completed within a reasonable time (say 6 months) the deposit will be refunded on request.

To get the ball rolling, send me a message at

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