Steve Hillier

Steve Hillier is a Gold Coast-based Australian citizen born in the UK who works primarily in the fields of figure painting and wildlife art, using oil paint with techniques drawn from traditional realism.

Steve’s work, however, incorporates experimental ideas and surreal settings, which not only reveal the beauty and timeless elements of his images but also make them stronger, more intense, new, and possibly stranger. His art continues the conversation with the subject and compels the viewer to actually look.

Like McCavity the Mystery Cat, Steve Hillier is an artist who has lived many lives in succession. Originally from London, he did his stint at art school as a young man, only to be seduced away into the heady world of Rock’N’Roll with Virgin and Island Records. He has lived other lives, as well: as a high-level executive with a large multinational corporation, as an entrepreneur, and even as a public servant in the shady realm of crime and punishment. Wherever he has gone, Steve has carried with him his essential identities as a Londoner and as an artist.


Lady Luck Print
Morning Glory Print
Breakfast At Sweethearts
Young Zebra Steve Hillier
“Steve is an amazingly talented man who focuses mostly on figurative art and produces some really beautiful work. Steve shows the dedication and care required of a realist artist when he puts his paintings together – unbelievable work.”

Graeme Stevenson, OAM

“The great Steve Hillier, erotic artist and thought machine extraordinaire, ever suffering for his art. A man possessed by the gift of genius. His work is passionate, sensual, and intellectual, and yet somehow underappreciated. His nudes are exquisite.”

— Ilia Chidzey, Artist

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