Susan Skuse
Susan Skuse

The subtropical rainforests of the Gold Coast Hinterland provide a source of inspiration for Susan Skuse, who resides and works there.

Susan first trained as an artist in the 1980s and has more recently completed degrees in Fine Arts and Philosophy.  Her current series of work brings together a diverse range of influences including Asian philosophy and traditional art, textile pattern, bird-watching, and the phenomenology of perception.  The works on show are part of her current series of paintings working with layers of colour and pattern combined with realistic depictions of Australian birds.

The work goes through four processes (at least) Firstly, I create an abstract colour background using vibrant lithographic inks with solvent to create fluid organic effects. Then I work with my ever-growing library of custom-made stencils – sometimes plant forms, sometimes abstract or classical patterns. When I am happy with the background I then set back and consider what bird subject it suggests to me. The final stage is to re-balance the work tonally so that the subjects sit happily with the background.



Beauty Too Rich For Wear
Everyday Opulence
Pool Party No. 1
“Susan, this painting absolutely brings me happiness and tranquillity – every time I walk into the room where it is hanging. I just absolutely love it – I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Your talent is such a gift.”

— Terry Donavan

Sue Skuse investigates her environment through a series of magnificent detours from the traditional world of representational art, occasionally verging on the abstract. Her explorations dissect our knowledge of our visual world and highlight form, light and movement in novel and exciting ways. Her techniques are diverse, precise and exquisite, and her insightful perspectives stimulate and propel the viewer into a higher state of awareness. Her work is thought-provoking, whether it is a study of water cascading, cloud formations, the experience of flight or the celebration of self.

— Ilia Chidzey, Artist

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